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“Why do our patients participate in clinical research?”

“I am very grateful to be a part of this study” “The research staff is AWESOME!!  They are all great and couldn’t ask for a better group.” “I was just diagnosed and it seemed like a good way to understand my new condition and get medications.” “I have enjoyed the staff.  They are always ready to answer questions and return phone calls in a timely manner.” “I decided to participate because I was ready to try a different medication, the visits are paid for by the study and I can stop at any time that I choose.” “I decided to participate when I found out I needed a very expensive medication that was one of the medications in a study.” “Everyone on the staff is wonderful and helpful.” “I believe in research.”


Great one-on-one with the staff.

“Any question I have they are more than willing to take the time to answer.”

“I decided to participate because the study was free and I had no insurance at the time.”

“Participation in research is easy.”

“I have had arthritis in my knees for many years and thought I’d see if participation in the study would help.”

“I like the idea of my participation may help others.”

“They take time to explain everything well.”

“The staff is very friendly and helpful.”

“The staff is EXCELLENT, always informative, friendly and a joy to be around.”

“I participated because I was curious.  I wanted to see what might be available in the future.”

“I continue to participate so I may help someone else as it hasn’t helped me much.”

“Before I started, I wanted to know about any bad reactions, side effects I may experience and how it may help me.”

“I keep hoping that one of these days we will find a drug that will help give me and others relief.”

“I had several treatment options, but decided to participate in a research study to save money on the drugs and to help find a remedy for others.”


Excellent relationship with the staff.

“I get all my questions answered and can stop the study anytime which was explained very well.”

“The staff is very accommodating.”

“I started in order to find the best medical treatment for me and wanted to help others find relief too.”

“Before I participated I reviewed the safety of the drugs in the study.”

“I participated in subsequent trials because of the constant doctor supervision, research nursing support at any time and knew if the study wasn’t working for me I could stop anytime.”

“I would recommend study participation to everyone because the patient gets very educated at each visit by a friendly and compassionate staff.”

“Participating in a trial has been a great experience and one I hope to continue.”

“I decided to participate after I understood how the study worked and the time it would take.”

“Other treatments were not working so I thought I’d see how participating in a study would work.”