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Why Become An Investigator?

Investigators who partner with Physician Research Collaboration (PRC) are joining a team of Physicians on the cutting edge of medical discovery to improve health care for their patients.

As an Investigator you will gain valuable experience with state-of-the-art advancements in medications, therapies and devices to establish you as a leader in your field. Your patients will appreciate the opportunity to participate and take advantage of these medical advancements to progress the development of new and improved therapies for themselves and future generations.

The PRC Difference

  • PRC combines the Physician’s experience and established patient population with PRC’s professional research expertise.
  • You are the Principal Investigator and select only studies you believe in and have an abundant patient population.
  • You are able to contribute first hand to the development of and gain valuable experience with new or improved medications, biologics and/or devices.
  • Patients from your own practice or community will have the option to participate in clinical research.
  • PRC will provide Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained and experienced staff to work within your private practice so you can immediately conduct successful clinical research trials in compliance with all Federal Regulations and GCP guidelines.
  • Your site will be promoted through the PRC research network for more trial opportunities and expedited research business growth.
  • You will have research experienced contract negotiators to assure fair market value when negotiating clinical research budgets.