Jessica, CMA - PRC

Jessica, CMA

My name is Jessica, CMA. I currently work as a research coordinator assistant and have been in research now for the last 5 months. I have learned a lot working in this department and am really excited to continue to learn more. I previously worked as a certified medical assistant with the Arthritis Center for 15 years with direct contact with the patients. It was satisfying to know and see how our patients would improve and to get to know them on a personal level. I decided to move to research to advance my career and expand my knowledge.

I was born and raised in central Nebraska and grew up with 5 siblings. I moved to Lincoln to attend college, where I met my husband of 14 years now. We live on a acreage west of Lincoln with our 2 children. I love spending time with my family and friends, going camping and spending time outdoors in favorable weather!

I am excited to continue to expand my knowledge in research and to help others improve in their health.